In 1940, one year after the Kiwanis International Foundation was established as a legal entity, Walter Zeller made the first donation of 25 Canadian silver dollars that he hoped would turn into the foundation's nest egg.  To honor a kindred spirit of generosity, the Walter Zeller Fellowship Award recognizes members who donate $1,250 or more toward The Kiwanis Elimnate Project that focuses on eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus across the globe.   Clubs and Kiwanians often give in honor of another person or organization—recognizing others’ help and commitment with a Walter Zeller Fellowship.

Fremont Kiwanians that have been presented with a Walter Zeller Fellowship Award are listed below with the year they received the honor:

William R. Bowlus, 2015
Calvin W. Bristley, 2012
Raymond W. Heflinger, 2017
Kim C. Huffman, 2016
Jason Kolodziejczyk, 2015
Jerri Miller, 2013
Melissa Stoneberger, 2013
Frank J. Vanyo, 2015
Jewelle M. Vanyo, 2016
Carla Waggoner, 2015